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The Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon is a nonprofit working to conserve biodiversity and other natural resources in the Peruvian Amazon, for the benefit of all those who live in and depend on the rainforest.

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Indigenous Peoples

New research in the prestigious journal PNAS confirms what indigenous people have long known—that they are the Amazon's best stewards. The researchers showed that indigenous lands in the Brazilian Amazon were among the least affected by the country's ongoing deforestation crisis. But there is a caveat: indigenous people are most able to effectively defend their forests when their property rights are fully recognized. One more important reason to support indigenous rainforest defenders in the Amazon.


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Conservation Issues

A new documentary film, 'Voices on the Road', covers the illegal and highly controversial expansion of a road in Peru's Manu Biosphere Reserve. While many local residents have called for the road's completion for years, it is likely to lead to increased deforestation, illegal gold mining, and drug trafficking, among other illicit activities. This is a highly nuanced issue, and the film does an exceptional job of giving space to voices on both sides of the debate.

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Restoring the Amazon through sustainable agriculture, agro-forestry, and planting trees

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Delivering environmental education to underserved communities in Peru

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Saving the Amazon is hard work, but we can't live without it. Join the many people who help keep our research, reforestation, and education projects in Peru going — become a Rainforest Champion today.


Latest from ASA in Peru

Biannual Report 2019-2020 just released!

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In this report we describe what we've accomplished during the past two years and where we're going next. We are very proud of the work that our staff and incredible community of Rainforest Champions has done to protect the Amazon. Click here to read the full report!

New educational children's book published


Written and illustrated by former ASA Lepidoptera Research Assistant Allison Stoiser, the book has been adapted and translated into Spanish language by ASA and ACEER, one of our partners in Peru. This is an incredible tool that we are using to deliver quality education to children in the Peruvian Amazon who can not attend school in person due to Covid-19. Visit Mili's webpage here to learn more (Spanish only).

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